Chalk line reels, Chalk, Measuring Wheels, Flagging & Caution Tapes, Traffic Cones.

Keson Giant Chalk Reels Huge BigMouth opening to ease fill up and a no-leak stopper to keep it shut until you want to chalk up. Rewind steel crank for long life. Lose woven polyester string produces bold 1/8” snap lines.  Available in 100 ft 130 ft & 150 ft.  5 lb. Chalk available in yellow, white or blue also in 8 oz bottles.



Chalk & Chalk line reels

Keson Measuring Wheels. Metal Professional wheels are durable enough to stand up to the harshest field conditions .  All feature the industry’s best counters with the best counter protection.

Measuring Wheels

Keson OTRS Series pairs and incredibly durable housing with excellent blades. The housing features double rivets that provide added strength. End caps and arms further protect the housing. The shovel handle with rubber over-mold keeps your grip sure and comfortable.

Fiberglass Tape Measures

Keson Flagging tape 1 3/16 Wide 150 ft. in Glo-Orange, Glo-Lime, & Glo-Pink. Standard yellow 1 3/16 X 300 ft rolls. Individual or by the box of 12.

Flagging Tape

Keson Barricade Caution Tape 3” x 1,000 ft Rolls.

Caution Tape

18 inch & 28” Wide body Traffic Cones.  Quantity discounts available.

Traffic Cones

Miscellaneous Tools

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