GEMSEAL Regular Dry Acrylic Latex. A durable latex paint designed for freshly seal coated surfaces and new asphalt. Dries in approximately 20 minutes. Available in 5 gallon pails (Meets Fed. Spec. TTP-1952 B) . Available in Yellow or White

5 Gallon Fast Dry A Very durable, fast drying acrylic latex paint designed for freshly seal coated surfaces, new asphalt and restripe. Dries in approximately 10 minutes. Available in Yellow or White

Rae Fast Dry latex traffic paint is 100% latex acrylic  waterborne  paint it is designed for fast drying and quick turn around time. 5 gallon pails in Yellow & White.


RAE Supreme Fast Dry Latex Striping Paint

GemSealŪ Tar Prime is a unique ready to use, job-proven primer formulation of acrylic polymers that allows sealer materials to bond effectively and dry quickly.

Available in 5 gallon pails.


TarPrime Oil Spot Primer

GemSealŪ Tack Coat (Type B Primer) An SS1, asphalt emulsion that serves as a tack coat for better adhesion before patching and asphalt overlays. Available in 5 gallon pails

GemSeal Tack Coat

Black Beauty is a black boiler slag abrasive with the following advantages: low moisture content, high degree of etch for permanent bonding of coating, inert, harder than silica sand, minimal dust.  Silica Sand is a rounded high purity quartz (Sio2) sand deposited by natural process. Available in 100 lb. bags

Black Beauty and Silica Sand

Product List

Traffic Paints, Oil Spot Primers, Tack Coat, Black Beauty & Silica

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GemSeal Fast Dry Latex Striping Paint

GemSeal Latex Striping Paint Regular Dry