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PCTC Corporation Sponsor research activities on issues critical to the pavement coating industry.. Providing opportunities for dialogue, education, advancement and improvement of all aspects of the pavement coating industry through meetings, research and development, training, seminars, communications, publications, and other programs and activities.. Effective and efficient management of environmental effects research on pavement coatings, and promotion of these data for use in environmental assessments by regulatory bodies. Development of guidelines and information related to the proper use of pavement coatings as needed. Make available to public authorities, and the general public, information relating to use of pavement coatings. Address safety issues concerning pavement coatings by:

·   Developing scientific and other data.

·   Providing technical data to      appropriate regulatory bodies.

·   Working with regulatory bodies to develop appropriate resolutions of such issues.

Provide a forum for the exchange with appropriate regulatory parties of technical information on the proper handling of pavement coatings


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